You want I do what now?

In an effort to organize my brain and my home, I have decided that I will begin posting weekly goals for myself, followed by a post or two about how well I accomplished those goals. (Yep, I am desperate for posting ideas) I am hoping that having my goals posted will not only help me focus on keeping momentum going in my life, but will also get me used to posting on the regular.

Bear with me people, I am still trying to find my sea legs.

This Weeks Goals-


The Palate is pretty dead  this week.  People are on vacay and it’s to damn hot to actually do any work. I’m keeping it simple.

1: Keep working on the new marketing materials
2:  Buy a plant for my desk- preferably a bonsai or orchid. Will make do with anything I can keep alive.
3:  Book at least 2 new events. This may be difficult, seeing as we have no new business coming in at the moment.


1: Take Special K to the pool , weather permitting
2: Family Movie Night
3: Get Special K a haircut
4: Do 1 of the activities on my Pinterest “Mom of the Year” board

Around the House-

1: Laundry, yuck
2: Stick to 4 of the 7 planned meals this week.
3:  Organize K’s Room


1: Keep Groceries to under $70 this week
2: Start Envelope System
3: Keep F41 updated properly


1: Post 3 new blog entries
2: Shave my legs
3:  Get more than 5 hours of sleep a night
4: Write The Hub a love note

Good Luck to Me!


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