My Not-so-big Break

Lately, I have been thinking of making a career change. Not that I don’t love what I do. I am completely enamored with where I work and the people you work with. Unfortunately, these bones are getting older and I don’t think I can handle the physical requirements that come with off site catering anymore. It’s to much lifting and carrying of large equipment.

I would much rather be resting those same bones on a big comfy couch in a very large mansion. I’m not getting any closer to that dream either.

As I was pondering my next move an old contact of mine invited for an interview with a very prominent company in my area. I figured what the hell and went in with very low expectations. I didn’t expect anything from it so I was very comfortable during the interview. Things went very, very well and I walked out  with my expectations growing a bit.

Expectations continued to grow as I went back for a second interview with another manager.

Then another interview.

And then another interview.

And then, I was made an offer conditional to a background and credit check. A huge salary bump and I was through the roof! OMG!!

And then, I was told that my credit score was to low and they could not officially extend the offer.

Uhm.. what?

Wait a minute. Did you just say what I thought you said? Because I know you didn’t just tell me that you are going to overlook 10 years of professional experience and countless hours slaving away at shit ass jobs to earn my resume because 18 year old me was stupid enough to co-sign on my mothers car, which was repossessed in 2006? Is that really what I just heard?

The guy spent 2 weeks talking me up to his boss and at least 6 hours talking the job up to me. I was born to run that place! I could have run circles around the old managers and done wonderful things for their clientele.

It just blows my mind that I was passed on this. Blows my MIND! Hub says it’s their loss. I’m still fighting the urge to go burn the building down. (Not Really, that’s not premeditation. I don’t mean it)

My go-to inner monologue tends to be on the negative side but I’m trying to be a bit more positive. So, instead of lighting a match, I will try to keep in mind that I am very blessed as I am. My life is pretty great, I have a wonderful (if a bit smelly) home with a loving family. I am employed and in good health. There are many who have much less.

This whole episode has got me thinking that maybe the universe is trying to teach me something else. Maybe instead of learning how to live in a great big mansion I am supposed to learn how to move heavy equipment without killing myself?  Maybe I should go back to school? Maybe I should become an evil super villain, take over the world and then BURN THAT DAMN PLACE DOWN……


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2 responses to “My Not-so-big Break

  1. Angela Farmer

    Low credit score got you turned down for the job!? Doesn’t everyone in the entire USA, oh not to mention the country itself, have a low credit score? Who ended up getting the job?

    • I think it says a lot about the state of our country. It’s a sad thing that my credit is good enough to buy a car but not good enough to get a job to pay for it.
      It’s disheartening to know that all the struggle we go through to build our professional experiences can be wiped out because of how we handled our finances as naive kids. No one ever told me that my credit at 18 could cost me a job when I was almost 30.

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