Hey, Look what I did!

Saturday has rolled around again, thus it is time for me to review my week and inform you of all the fabulous achievements I have achieved!
I know, that sentence is so well written it astounds me too. 

I will admit, I haven’t exactly been dogging myself to accomplish my goal list this week, but I feel like I did pretty decent. 

Last Weeks Goals-


1: Keep working on the new marketing materials- Fail. I am waiting on a coworker to finish his part of the dealyo so I can move forward with the graphics on mine. I can only do so much on my ancient PC at work and I frequently forget to bring in my laptop. 
2:  Buy a plant for my desk- preferably a bonsai or orchid. Will make do with anything I can keep alive. Fail so far, but the day is not yet over. I will have something in my cubicle that converts my extra CO2 into Oxygen. That way, my co-workers can’t complain that I don’t contribute to the office. 
3:  Book at least 2 new events. This may be difficult, seeing as we have no new business coming in at the moment. WIN! Ha, got one! I actually put three down on the calendar so HA! 


1: Take Special K to the pool , weather permitting Fail, weather did not permit. I refuse to go sit on concrete in a metal chair when it is 108 outside. Nope, won’t do it. 
2: Family Movie Night  Win! Redboxed Journey to the Mysterious Island and watched The Rock do his thing. K loved it. Watched it like 7 times the next day. 
3: Get Special K a haircut Fail, waiting for the free JCPenny Kids cuts in August. 
4: Do 1 of the activities on my Pinterest “Mom of the Year” board Win! Maybe not from Mom of the Year but I did accomplish two of my Busy Nothings. Converted K’s old crib into a desk and made Cornstarch Slime. Pictures of the desk to be posted shortly. 

Around the House-

1: Laundry, yuck Hub pitched in and helped with the washing part. I have been procrastinating on the folding part. It’s on my list for tonight. 
2: Stick to 4 of the 7 planned meals this week. Not so much. I didn’t do my usual grocery thing on Monday so that made meal planning a bit tricky. 
3:  Organize K’s Room– WIN! Went to Walmart, spent $6 on a hanging shoe organizer that spins. Used it to separate all of her toys.  It’s kinda awesome. Pics of that coming soon too. 


1: Keep Groceries to under $70 this week Win, but not. Like I said, I didn’t do my usual grocery thing on Monday so we didn’t spend any $$ on Groceries. Wait, I did spend $24 on the basics. 
2: Start Envelope System Win, and epic fail. Post about this blunder to be written shortly. 
3: Keep F41 updated  properly Win. Updating has become part of my daily routine. 


1: Post 3 new blog entries Chalk up another Win! I am hardly becoming blogger of the year, but I just might be getting the hang of this new fangled contraption! 
2: Shave my legs Win, no comment. 🙂 
3:  Get more than 5 hours of sleep a night Win for the most part. 5 of 7 ain’t bad. 
4: Write The Hub a love note *Cough* Fail *cough* it’s complicated. 

Not bad for my first week of goal setting and accomplishment accomplishing. (there I go again, writing so beautifully I amaze myself) 

How did you do?

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