Guess who’s back?

Sort of.

It’s been a long while since I have sat down to let my thoughts form any kind of post. There have been a great many changes since I last posted and through it all I have missed you. I guess I have needed an outlet more than I thought I did.

Since we last spoke I have changed jobs to one that I like much better, even if it doesn’t pay the bills; gotten Bug a new puppy and… oh yeah, I’m 5 months pregnant.

What? Who said that? Me? Preggers? Yep. that’s what I said.

Things around the homestead are… tense. I’m freaking out about the baby, The Hub is pretty much worthless and Bug is SUPER excited about being a big sister. We find out tomorrow what we are having. I’m 90% sure it’s human. 10% possibility of a Dragon.

I don’t remember if I have written you since my MIL was supposed to move in with us. Well, either way, it did not work out for the best. If only someone had seen that coming and called it before it happened. Oh, wait, I DID! The old witch screwed us royally, cost me my job, took all of our savings and stuck us with a rent we can’t afford. Now, we are struggling but I suppose that mostly every other family in the country is too.

So, I guess all in all I can say that I’m tired. What mom isn’t? I feel very large, hungry and hormonal. More on all that to come I’m sure.


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