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Asking for Help because there’s no where else to go.

12065596_10206488669448486_9120577246354295339_nHello and thank you for visiting my post.
Last May my family moved from Richmond, VA to Kansas City, MO to follow my husbands job in hopes of finding bigger and better. Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out that way.

In October of this year my husband decided that he was done and moved out of the house. When he left he took the only car and our main source of income. He left me and three kids stranded but still dependent on him for money and transportation, even though he has decided to no longer be a part of our family. Now that he lives somewhere else we have no way to leave the house other than walking and as the weather gets colder that is becoming impossible. I am not able get to work constantly, go to the grocery store, or even pick my daughter up from school when she is feeling ill. My job is at the point that I cannot miss any more work or I will be terminated.

Last weekend, I took a huge chance and used the last of my savings to purchase a car from Craigslist, hoping for the best but now the car doesn’t run and I am flat broke.

Asking for help is not my strong suit but anyone who knows me can say that I will do anything for my kids.
I am working on getting myself back on my feet. My part time job barely nets $400 a month which is not nearly enough to cover our expenses and get a reliable car for my family. Without a vehicle I can’t be independent for my kids. I am hoping that $2,000 will be enough for me to find a car that will not end up another lemon.

Any money raised through my GOFUNDME campaign will go toward getting me a car and/or paying any bills I cannot get assistance with.

Help is needed as quickly as we can get it. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for your consideration.

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