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Being my own kind of Mom

In case you haven’t noticed, parenting is messy. When you combine that with starting a business, managing a household and trying to figure out what the hell the cats want, it can get downright overwhelming.
Fortunately for me, I quickly realized that not every woman is the vacuum in 4 inch heels and a hoop skirt kinda gal. Some of us are able to do the stay at home, play and snuggle all day thing. Some are more the fighter, survivor, just barely keeping my head above water kind of moms.
I am more of the expletive shouting, piercing and tattoo loving, “Don’t-bother-me-until-I-reach-the-next-save-point”, domesticated wild child type of mom.

My house is not clean 24/7.
I do not have dinner on the table every day by 6:30pm. (or 8pm for that matter)
Some days, the dishes in the sink stay dirty and there may even be crumbs on the floor.
I will sort, wash and dry but I WILL NOT fold!
I used to have piercings and purple hair. I still would if my career path didn’t require otherwise.

Despite these factors, my family is happy. We are well loved, thoroughly snuggled and laughter is usually the first sound you hear when entering our house. We are ok with the dust and the clutter. Our house is messy because we live in it. We like it that way.

That being said, my hopes, fears and expectations for this blog are a bit like my house. It will be messy, there will be clutter and things that don’t make sense. The cats will be featured and most likely in the way. Things will occasionally come out of left field, go flying past your head and land in the corner of your brain with a thump. There will be mention of bodily functions, inappropriate references and the occasional foray into the tremendous amount of Geekery stored into my brain (ok, so maybe not so occasional).

But you see, the thing is, if I do this right, it will feel just like home to you too…


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