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True Blood, Two days Too Late

Does anyone out there still watch True Blood?

I caught up on the last few episodes last night and I am a bit miffed.

So, let me make sure that I am getting things right-

Eric and Bill are “prisoners” of The Authority but not really prisoners and The Authority is no longer The Authority, they are just a group of vampires tripping their balls off on Lilith Blood? (BTW, where can I get some of that? Reminds me of my younger years) Eric had a hallucination of his maker- Godrich, the man child- who told him that they were being assholes and to kill his sister?

Bill has finally grown some balls and is all aboard the human eating band wagon because he feels guilty about pretty much everything. It’s nice to see him finally grow a pair. Even if he’s a complete simp, I hope they finally do SOMETHING with him that involves personality.

(I feel like the whole- Bomb the True Blood Factories Story-line is amusing. It’s probably the next step the Arizona Government is going to take against baby formula.)

I love Pam. She’s great. If I was a vamp, I would be a lot like her in personality, but not  in the following Eric around like an idiot way. Ok, maybe in that way too. Take it for what you will.

She and Tara are adorable, although, I don’t think that I am properly upset about the whole Tara thing. She has always been one of my favorite characters so having her turned just ensures a story line for her. I am pleased.

I don’t really even want to acknowledge the Sooki story line but I feel like I have to. The first few years of the show have been focused mostly on her and took way to long to get to the God Damn Point. She’s Sooki. She’s a Fairy. She has big teeth. Yay.

She has the same look on her face in every frickin picture. 

It took how long to prove she was a fae, and now she wants to waste all her powers? Oh, uh huh! I have spent to much time out of my life waiting for them to finally come out with it and you are not giving it up that easily! I hope that vampire hunts her down.

I know that she’s meant to be country- but this show just implies that she has never read a book in her life. Am I the only one who thinks that her habit of “wandering” into trouble and hoping to be saved is getting tiresome?  Gee, lets go form  a psycic circle and see if we can connect with the big bad. I sure hope he doesn’t come find me..lalalala.. 

Everyone else is everyone else. Arlene is high strung about Terry, Layfette is fabulous in all ways, Jason is awesome. Flat out.

No one else is important enough to remember.

So is that right? Why am I watching this show again? Better yet, why did I just take 20 minutes to write out a short summary?
It’s like a train wreck that I can’t stop looking at and it’s one of the few things that Hub and I actually get to do together. We have been a little Lost since Lost… Sigh.

Maybe we should try Breaking Bad.. I’ve heard good things.


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