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The Glass Ceiling Strikes Again

Forgive me readers, I have to vent for a minute.

As some of you know, I have been searching for a change in my life- whether it be professional or in home life.

About a 2 months ago, I was called in to interview at the hotel The Hub works at. I did not send in my resume, I never submitted for a job. He asked Hub to have me come in, because they “may have had a position coming available”
Just like the other job, I figured, sure, why not? It’s one of only two 5 star hotels in the area so I may as well.

Well, the “interview” lasted all of 10 minutes and finished with the GM telling me that he just “wanted to keep you in my back pocket, in case other things don’t work out”. ┬áHe also made a comment about it being odd for me to work with Hub “after the divorce”… Uhm, what divorce?

So, I thought all that was odd and walked out a little confused. Why have me come in for an interview if you only wanted to have me in your pocket? Why waste both our time when you don’t want me working in the same place as my husband- divorce or not.

Well, today I noticed that a friend of mine has changed her employment status on FB. She has the job that I was in the pocket for.

I am happy for her, but I know that I could have done it better. I have 2x the experience and am much better suited. Unfortunately, The Hub has worked there for 3 years so I don’t qualify for anything.

Once again, I am feeling pretty down about my professional prospects here. Between the credit check issue with the other one and realizing that Hubs job is actually keeping me from moving forward with mine. (I hate his stupid job. After 3 years of begging him to get a different one, it is still finding a way to bite me in the ass)

I try to tell myself that things will happen when they are meant to but will they really?

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